Vestique is a way of life based on the vision of Mistress Vesta & Mistress Mystique

men are trained here to become the ultimate slave
Women are empowered to Domina here

We offer a place far away from our culturally imposed norms of male rule or gender equality. Two ideologies that don't work or are even realistic. We teach men to look at himself in a new way. A better way to act towards Women.

Many men struggle internally with the socially created false male ego. No room for submissive nature: that is docile, humble, subservient. Change is needed.

There are Women who really enjoy a submissive nature in a man. You should accept and embrace this. Because of the above-mentioned social pressure, this is not always that easy. We will guide you through this process, with a firm hand where necessary.

We will tear you down if We think it is necessary. We will speak harshly and ignore you, and We may dislike who you are, but you may not. In our opinion a man caught up in self-loathing is useless, and that is unacceptable. As a man, it's your task to do whatever it takes to make the world a better place for Us Women.

For swearing, screaming and angry-looking Domina's you've come to the wrong place. You may notice that We laugh a lot. That alone should instill fear in you. We are not actors and we don't need actors.

Our lives are not defined by sex in the same way as for the inferior man. We see sex as entertaining and pleasurable while men see it as an obsession or compulsion. So don't bore us with preferences about "forced sex" or hours of "forced" licking. We're not even going to explain our allergy to this nonsense. The offer on the internet for this is endless. So don't waste our time with this.

Many of our visions have their roots in FemDom and Female Supremacy.

Two Domina's "teaming up" to teach their own vision to men who can relate to this.



Vestique slave


Many of our visions have their roots in FemDom and Female Supremacy. Two Dominas "teaming up" to teach their own vision to men.

Vestique Domina


We empower Women to become the Goddess they are. To break free from the habit of conforming, being suppressed or sexually restrained by the judging eye of society.

Vestique session

to be booked separately

Not humble enough for the training? Perhaps you will be allowed to worship Us in a single session.

When your request has been received, We will let you know whether We want to make time for you.