Training the ultimate slave


The ultimate Vestique slave

you, who understand the value of Women
and are willing to
 dedicate your life to supporting
Women as Goddesses in the fullest sense of the word.

you, who understand the value of Women and are willing to dedicate your life to supporting Women as Goddesses in the fullest sense of the word.



Vestique slave


Many of our visions have their roots in FemDom and Female Supremacy. Two Dominas "teaming up" to teach their own vision to men.

Vestique Domina


We empower Women to become the Goddess they are. To break free from the habit of conforming, being suppressed or sexually restrained by the judging eye of society.  

Vestique session

to be booked separately

Not humble enough for the training? Perhaps you will be allowed to worship Us in a single session.

When your request has been received, We will let you know whether We want to make time for you.




We are not swearing, screaming and angry-looking Dominas. You may notice that We laugh a lot. We are not actors and we don’t want actors.


You have the honor to invent the ways and learn how best to serve Us.


Mistress Vesta & Mistress Mystique like to dominate together in a session.

Can you handle Us both at the same time?

Do you want to become the ultimate Vestique slave?

Then you will start online

It is an honor to be allowed to follow this exclusive training and we don't just admit anyone. Before you may become a Vestique slave, We will first determine whether We consider you suitable enough. We do this by means of an online pre-training and online contact. Have you passed this online training to Our satisfaction and have you come to see that We as a Goddess should be worshiped? Then you can start the actual training and meet Mistress Vesta and Mistress Mystique in person.



Mistress Vesta, You are the Goddess I have been serving continuously for 10 years. In You Femdom and Female Supremacy come to life for me, even before I knew what those words mean. You have enchanted me. You do with me whatever You want and I worship You. Your fiery eyes and sadistic smile show Your inventiveness, creativity and sadism. You are more than I can comprehend and sometimes more than I can handle, but I live to serve You totally and thus achieve my ultimate destiny as a slave and sissy to You. I am grateful to be your subject.

ruby cocksucker

Mistress Mystique, You are my guide on the path of Female Supremacy. You train me to act and move like a sissy in a truly feminine way, but also to be an obedient slave and servant of Women. It gives me satisfaction when your eyes light up,
because You enjoy the pain You give me as punishment or just for Your pleasure. When You use me as a dummy for Your rope skills, I watch You develop each time. It is beautiful to see You rise as a Goddess and to feel Your dominance more and more. I am thankful to serve you.


I have known Mistress Vesta for more than 10 years. When I met Her I was aware of my submissive feelings towards Women, but I did not yet know how to give it a place. Soon, through Her fine approach, I learned to accept my submissiveness and thus myself. She made me experience things I never thought I would allow beforehand. She genuinely enjoyed the things we did and I saw Her beaming when I went beyond my limits to please Her. For quite some time now I have dared Her even without agreed limits or stop word to entrust me completely to Her. Although we have not always been in close contact over the years, I will always be very grateful to Her for the growth I have experienced thanks to Her and the many beautiful moments.