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We, Mistress Vesta and Mistress Mystique, are here to help you in your fight against the socially imposed toxic masculinity that We see many men suffer from. Now, We like to see men suffer. That is Our passion. However, it should be on Our terms…

Mistress Vesta

I’m smiling,
that alone should scare you.

Mistress Mystique

Let’s erase the line,
because I always cross it.

Mistresses who stand behind our Vestique vision and where you can also go for a Vestique training or session.

Goddess Red

Surrender yourself to Me

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Vestique stands for female superiority over men. Our patriarchal society has fed the false male ego for centuries with the belief that men were better than Women and therefore deserved more liberties. Because men are actually inferior and insecure to Women, they overwhelm themselves with all kinds of macho and transgressive behavior. This is strengthened by their obsession with sex. Precisely because of this they are easy prey for the superior Woman who can so easily use this phenomenon against them.

Vestique is about the wishes and desires of the Woman, Who is worshiped as a Goddess by the slave. We have the right to do with Our slave as We please, to beat, mistreat and humiliate you, to use and abuse you for Our own pleasure only. We have the privilege of doing these things without having to do anything in return. We command or tell the slave what Our wishes are and expect full obedience and submission from Our slave. We do not have to justify or explain Ourselves to Our slave in any way. The slave has no right to expect anything in return.

We train and mold the slave as We wish. By rules, attitudes and etiquette, We make the slave an instrument, an extension of Our own body. The “Lessons for Vestique slaves” are intended to make this training as easy as possible for the Mistress. The slave learns and trains to become a source of pleasure for his Goddess.

An important element in this is chastity and orgasm training. The Mistress decides when and how often the slave is allowed to masturbate and cum. On the other hand, the slave learns to come when the Mistress approves and enjoys it. This often leads to prolonged abstinence, in which the slave becomes dependent on his Goddess, for We are the only One who can give him sexual release. The desire for an orgasm makes the slave very obedient and willing to do anything for Us. A chastity belt is usually used in this training, because men cannot control themselves and chastity must be enforced.

Within the training we use punishment and reward as means to further promote the development of the slave. Punishments will often be corporal punishment, but also deprivation of what a slave most desires. Humiliation can also be a form of punishment. As a bonus, all these means often give Us intense pleasure.


Female Supremacy / Vestique

The belief that Women are superior to men and therefore should be served by men. Men, especially submissive men, exist for the happiness and pleasure of Women. Women use men to fulfill their own wishes and desires. Women appreciate a truly submissive man.

Female Led Relationship

A relationship in which the Woman is the leader and decision maker in everything. Her will is law. This applies to the sexual relationship, if it exists, as well as the household and all other aspects of the relationship. The Woman decides, the man obeys and executes. Originally this term was created in the FemDom environment.

Female Domination

FemDom is close to BDSM, with a Female Dominant and a male submissive. The Woman dominates the man, and may use (corporal) punishment and humiliation to achieve this. We also refer to this as a D/s relationship.


A matriarchy is a form of society in which Women and the Female culture, especially on the basis of their motherhood, dominate. The Woman is the head of the family and sets the rules for the men and younger Women in the family. Young Women dominate the young men and all the men in the family from puberty onwards.


A political and social form in which Women are the leaders in everything. Society is Women- oriented and men are subservient. Women run the country, businesses and families.

Toxic masculinity

Men have been pressed into a macho and dominant role in history, in religion and even today in csociety. This guarantees that, especially with submissive men, a poisonous male ego arises. This stems from the male peer pressure to act dominant, superior and macho, because they would otherwise be seen as "pussies". In addition, many men have a sex obsession and addiction. Together, this can lead to all kinds of undesirable behavior and excesses, especially towards Women



Vestique slave


Mistress Vesta & Mistress Mystique will train you to become the ultimate Vestique sub. What exactly this entails you will read if you study the site bravely.

Vestique Domina


We empower Women to become the Goddess they are. To break free from the habit of conforming, being suppressed or sexually restrained by the judging eye of society.

Vestique session

to be booked separately

During separate sessions we will let you experience what it is like to become a Vestique sub. Our pleasure is going to become your pleasure.